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Cold forgings supplied to exacting quality standards with deliveries tailored to suit customers requirements. Provide your current part drawings and we will develop a proposal to provide the most economical part feasible.

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Part size capabilities:

  • Up to 4″ outside diameter
  • Up to 16″ in length (dependent on press – 800 ton press limit is 10″)
  • Specialize in extruded shafts

General tolerances and machine stock allowance:

  • Length Tolerance +/- .5mm (+/- .02″)
  • Diameter Tolerance +/- .25mm or better (+/-.01″)
  • Stock allowance .25mm or less! (.01″)
  • CPK tracking critical dimensions on random parts average = 7.21

Advantages of cold forgings include:

  • Net and near-net parts – reduce or eliminate machining
  • Reduces raw material waste – No Flash!
  • Low scrap rates -0- PPM rejections
  • Tight tolerances with forged centers if required
  • Excellent surface finish with no scale!
  • Utilize turned and polished bar – no decarb!
  • Improved physical properties by refining grain structure
  • Eliminates subsequent heat treating
  • Average press uptime = 94%
  • Forged in centers can eliminate end mill and center operations.

Material Grades available include the following SAE series:

  • 1000
  • 1100
  • 1500
  • 4000
  • 4100
  • 4700
  • 5100
  • 8600

steel in rack

Why Cold Forging as a superior alternative to machining or hot upset forging?

  • Precision Cold forging offers near net production of parts at room temperature. Cold forging makes products precisely sized very close to the final shape. The mechanical deformation refines grain structure and breaks up and aligns any inclusions. The result is that the grain of the material lies parallel to formed surfaces rather than breaking through and providing opportunities for crack initiation as in machined parts.
  • The precision cold forging process combined with finish machining offers significant raw material savings and machining time vs. machining from bar stock or from a standard upset hot forged part. Cold forging provides consistent and more precise tolerances and maintains microstructure grain flow for better finish and durability.
  • Cold forging work hardens material and raises its yield stress. With strength and other mechanical properties improved thicknesses can be reduced and the resulting savings on weight and material are likely to be considerable.


  • Higher yield – stronger
  • Closed tolerances
  • Less machine stock
  • Fine surface finish with no scale
  • No draft – none!
  • Part to part uniformity – dimensional repeatability
  • Functional reliability
  • Excellent definition

No Cost – No Obligation

Whether you have an existing part or are designing a new component, our application engineers will determine if cold forming will benefit your application. Prior to any investment on your part samples will be provided and delivered based on your purchase order and must be approved by you prior to paying for tooling.

Equipment List

Qty. Size Description
1 60 Ton Mechanical cold forging press
2 150 Ton Mechanical cold forging presses
1 200 Ton Mechanical cold forging press
2 250 Ton Mechanical cold forging presses
1 300 Ton Mechanical cold forging press
2 400 Ton Mechanical cold forging presses
1 450 Ton Mechanical cold forging press
2 800 Ton Mechanical cold forging press
12 Total Presses
1 100 Ton Auto Bar Shear
2 H12 Cut off saws
1 Insp. Eddy current inspection equipment