Southwest Metal Products, Ltd.

Southwest Metal Products expertise is designing the optimum forging with the least machine stock possible helps to achieve maximum cold forging cost savings. We will design a part based on your finished part adding a minimum of raw material for clean-up. The result is lower part costs due to less material and significantly less machining is required by our customers.

One example is a part that was previously a near net shaped hot press forging with only 1 degree draft. Technically a very nice part – in the past! The original part weighed 3.5 # pounds, had a minimum of .060″ machine stock and 1 degree draft. SWM reduced this parts net forging weight to 2.5 # Pounds a 33% reduction! The new near net part has less than 010″ machine stock and no draft. The result is significantly less machining and waste, faster processing times and better value to our customers.

Two additional examples are below:

Hot press forging – Cold forging
Cold forging above saved .31 #
Hatebur forging – Cold forging
Cold forging above saved .24 #

Zero draft, .010 or less machining stock and thin flanges. Some of our parts require rough / finish grind only – forged to length! Forged in centers can also eliminate end milling and center operations.

Please allow SWM to work with you to increase value and provide cost saving designs and ideas. Forward finished part prints to us to start this process.

Quotes and proposal drawings next day in most cases.

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