Southwest Metal Products, Ltd.

Southwest Metal Products is located in Windsor, Ontario convenient to all North American Customers. Southwest Metal produces parts by cold forging carbon and alloy steel. Forgings produced range up to 4" diameter maximum and 16" long. Part volumes range from a minimum of 5,000 pieces per year to over 500,000 pieces per year.

Cold Forging

Parts are cold forged on our presses ranging from 60 to 800 ton capacity. Product is supplied to companies though out Canada and the U.S. including Fortune 500 OEM's, the aftermarket and Tier 1, 2 and 3 companies. Typical parts include, but are not limited to: Cold forging of axles, bits, clutch hubs, gears, pins, pinions, step and intermediate shafts, and sleeves. We operate our own sawing facility and affiliated machine and die shop for all our tooling requirements.

2011 Now Also:
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