Southwest Metal Products, Ltd.

Southwest Metal Products was incorporated in Windsor, Ontario with one 250 ton cold forging press in 1989. Today, Southwest after experiencing several expansions, operates twelve cold forging presses supported by several precision saws. Southwest offers 100% on time delivery and -0- PPM rejection rates and will develop a plan for specifically providing your company with on time deliveries.

Precision cold forging of raw materials offers net / near net shape production parts. Cold forging provides consistent and more precise tolerances and maintains microstructure grain flow for better surface finish and durability. Tooling and secondary machining is supplied by our affiliated machine and tool company. CNC turning and drilling are available for any necessary secondary operations.

Please allow us to review your product that may currently be machined from bar, hot closed die or hot upset forged. We will provide a net / near net proposal to you with 2-3 working days from receiving your inquiry.